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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our professional staff welcomes you to the warm and friendly atmosphere of South Park Funeral Home, which has been serving the community since 1970. We’re here to listen and provide options to meet your needs. Whether you prefer cremation with a small family gathering or would like a large traditional funeral, you can trust us to assist you in planning and honoring your final wishes.

South Park Funeral Home is a full-service facility featuring three arrangement rooms, five visitation rooms and a beautiful 1,500-square-foot chapel with seating for 300 guests. Our funeral home also offers a coffee bar and snack area for the convenience of visitors.


Gentle rolling lawns with quiet walkways, picturesque statues and well-maintained landscaping contribute to the solemn beauty of South Park Cemetery. Dating back to the mid-1930s, South Park is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. This perpetual care cemetery offers traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment, private estate mausoleums and lawn crypts. South Park also has an on-site crematory for those who prefer cremation, along with many options for memorialization.

Four outdoor mausoleums can be found on our grounds: Ten Commandments, Last Supper, Praying Hands and Grace Garden, our newest development. Three water features—Water Babies, War Memorial and the cemetery’s signature Garden of Palms— grace the park-like atmosphere at South Park. Double-depth lawn crypts are available in Serenity Lawn, and lawn crypts and traditional ground burial are offered in the new Garden of Columns.

Our Valued Staff

Manuel Cavazos Jr

Manuel Cavazos Jr, General Manager

Manuel has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer since 1993. He began his career at Ceballos Funeral Home in McAllen, TX, after attending Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, where he received his A.A.S. in funeral service. He also has an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Manuel enjoys spending time with his family, riding his motorcycle, fishing and hunting.

James D Walker

James D Walker, Sales Manager

Jimmy began serving families in 1993, at a local cemetery in Hickory, NC, where he worked as a community service coordinator and family service counselor. He has served in both sales and operational management positions. Jimmy spent most of his early career in the North Carolina area until 2009, when he moved to Katy, Texas with his daughter, Danielle, and son, Josh.

Vanessa Torres

Vanessa Torres, Combo Location Office Manager

Vanessa has been with South Park since 2013. She acknowledges the importance of being able to say a comforting word to those that have experienced a loss, with some of them coming back to say thank you, expressing their appreciation of her kind words of comfort. Vanessa loves being a part of such a wonderful team, where everybody works together. Coming to work is a delight for her, and doesn’t feel like a chore.

Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez, Chapel Location Manager

Eddie Martinez born and raised in Houston Texas. 3 children: Alicia, Isaiah and Reagan. Married to Maria my High School Sweetheart this December will make 25 yrs. Married. I love the ocean, fishing, and BBQ-ing for family and friends and I love to travel. I started my career Guillen Funeral Home here in Houston working visitations after school cutting the grass and helping to make removals. Decided to go to Commonwealth Institute in Houston went to work at Felix H. Morales Funeral Home while in school. After eight years there we moved to San Antonio to work at Porter Loring Mortuary. After 10 yrs. We decided it was time to come back home to Houston and I took a Location Manager position with SCI. Now with the NorthStar family, I am ready to make a difference in my community of Pearland.

Victor Escuadra

Victor Escuadra, Park Superintendent

Victor Escuadra joined South Park in 1980 and is a Cemetery Caretaker Assistant. Victor has been a big part of old and new developments at South Park and is zealous to see new upcoming projects. Victor takes such pride in helping families in their most difficult time of need. Victor enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, children and grandchildren.

Antionette D Sjoberg

Antionette D Sjoberg, Funeral Director

Antionette D. Sjoberg has been in the funeral industry for over 10 years. She graduated from Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services in Houston and began her career with South Park Funeral Home in 2014. She enjoys spending time with her son and daughter, traveling, movies, music and running.

Lisa Odom

Lisa Odom, Funeral Director

Lisa has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer since 1992. She began her career at McWilliams Funeral Home in Hempstead, TX, after attending Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, where she received her A.A.S. in Funeral Service Management. Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, traveling and watching the Denver Broncos.

Brian Colopy

Brian Colopy, Funeral Director

Paula  Nelson

Paula Nelson, Embalmer

I've been a licensed embalmer and funeral director since 1989. Native to Houston, I am a proud single mother of three - two boys and one girl, and have two granddaughters - ages two and 16. I love to cook and eat exotic foods. I love all animals (except snakes). Have two older siblings, I am the baby and remind them of that every chance I get. Working at South Park has been a great experience, and I am happy to be here.

Felicia Anna Byford

Felicia Anna Byford, Embalmer

Felicia began her funeral career as a Family Service Counselor at Heights Funeral Home in 2002 and graduated from Commonwealth Institute for Funeral Service in 2005. After working at several funeral establishments, she found her niche as an embalmer at Kirk Mortuary Service where she worked for the last ten years gaining immense knowledge in embalming and facial/cranial reconstructive restoration. Her hope and passion is to help loved ones have a good last memory of their dearly departed. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hunting, camping, and attending sporting events.

Luke Palermo

Luke Palermo, Family Service Supervisor

Luke began his career serving families in 2000, assisting with their funeral service needs, and considers it an honor helping them with pre-need selections, making all the major decisions before a death occurs. When not working, he and his wife, Rosemary, like to spend time in the hill country enjoying nature.

Diana  Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez, Family Service Counselor

Diana is originally from Brownsville and moved to Alvin, TX in 1986. Diana spent 25 years with Finger Furniture, the largest furniture store in Houston. After retirement from Finger Furniture, Diana was introduced, by a neighbor, to the idea of serving families in the funeral industry. That was 12 years ago and Diana takes great pleasure in her Family Service position. She says this is the most rewarding job she’s had because she is able to help families plan ahead for when a death occurs. She particularly loves the professionals she works with at South Park. When Diana is not at work, she and her husband enjoy being out on the water, just fishing.

Frank Morris

Frank Morris, Family Service Counselor

Stephanie Romero

Stephanie Romero, Family Service Counselor

Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia, Family Service Counselor

Jay Troy

Jay Troy, Family Service Advisor

Eloisa Parra

Eloisa Parra, Family Service Counselor

Pia Linda N. Van Tho

Pia Linda N. Van Tho, Community Service Counselor

Elaine Cisneros

Elaine Cisneros, Community Service Counselor

Rodney McGraw

Rodney McGraw, Community Service Advisor

Zulma Rodriguez

Zulma Rodriguez, Funeral Assistant

Zulma joined South Park 2 years ago. She started as a part time receptionist and has worked her way up. Zulma enjoys helping families in their time of need. On her time off Zulma enjoys baking and spending time with her family.

Donna Wise

Donna Wise, Funeral Associate

Mallory Leaman

Mallory Leaman, Funeral Associate

Ruben D Sanchez

Ruben D Sanchez, Staff Associate

Ruben Sanchez joined our company team 5 months ago as a part time funeral assistant and coach driver. He was born in Harlingen, Texas. Raised in Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, IL. Graduated in 1967 from High school. Vietnam Vet in the USAF. Joined the airlines industry in 1971 and worked for 40 years. When we asked what attracted Ruben to this field he said, “I’m a people person and likes customer service. When not working he likes all types of sports, listening to a verity of music, participate in American Legion activities, and enjoy socializing with others.
When asked to give the proudest moment in this profession, Ruben stated, “Knowing you helped someone understand that their loved one is with our LORD and no more suffering.”

Pedro Zambrana

Pedro Zambrana, Staff Associate

Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon, Staff Associate

Mary joined our South Park family 7 month ago. She enjoys serving our families in their time of need. She is married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Lezet Aragon

Lezet Aragon, Staff Associate

Lezet has been a member of the South Park family since December of 2015. She enjoys giving great customer service to each family who trust us in their time of need. On her free time she likes spending time with her family.

Chriscione L. Johnson

Chriscione L. Johnson, Staff Associate

Marcy Ainsworth

Marcy Ainsworth, Receptionist

Marcy Ainsworth joined our South Park team 12 months ago as a part time receptionist/funeral assistant, which she worked her way up to a full time employee. She was born in Richmond, Texas. Raised and graduated in Pearland, Texas. Worked in the medical field for over 15 years. She is divorced with one daughter and one precious granddaughter. When we asked what attracted Marcy to this field she said, “A numerous of losses in her life, beginning with a tragic accident of her 6 year old son Jesse, in 2003. Father in 2013 and mother in 2015. It takes a special person to help others with their losses. She understand what a family is going through, because she has experienced the loss of her loved ones. When not working her likes are, the outdoors, swimming, camping, crocheting, and spending time with her daughter and granddaughter. Most of all she loves sharing God’s word and the gift her gave her. When asked to give the proudest moment in this profession, Marcy stated, “A special feeling knowing you helped someone understand that their loved one is with our LORD, no more suffering and they will always be with you.”

Candice  Thornhill

Candice Thornhill, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Candice joined our company in January 2016. She was born in Pasadena, TX, and raised in Deer Park, TX, where she currently lives with her husband and 2 sons. She has over 4 years’ experience in the funeral industry, with the majority being the cemetery administration job role. Candice is a lover of animals, except reptiles and spiders, and especially goats. When she is not at work, Candice enjoys hunting, fishing, attending drag races and relaxing at the lake. Candice enjoys being part of such a great team of people who all have the same ultimate goal: to ensure that our client families’ needs are met, and exceeded if possible.

Julissa Martinez

Julissa Martinez, Clerical & Admin Specialst

Adilene Garduno

Adilene Garduno, Clerical and Administrative Specialist

Kati Caporale

Kati Caporale, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Sarah Celis Garcia

Sarah Celis Garcia, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Sarah joined South Park a year ago. She has been in the industry for over 10 years and loves serving families at the time of need. She enjoys spending time this her grandchildren on her time off.

Rosa  Martinez

Rosa Martinez, House Keeper

Rosa has been with South Park since 2007. She takes great pleasure and pride in making sure the funeral home is a place of cleanliness and comfort. Rosa dedicates her time and energy to assist our families in any way possible. When not at work, Rosa enjoys spending time with her children and her precious grand-babies.

Edward Garnet

Edward Garnet, Cemetery Caretaker

Jesus Ortiz

Jesus Ortiz, Cemetery Caretaker

Roberto Villa

Roberto Villa, Cemetery Caretaker

Roberto joined South Park 5 years ago and works as a Cemetery Caretaker. Roberto was asked what is his favorite thing about his job at South Park was, he said “Helping families and reassuring them they are in good hands. Roberto enjoys fishing and cooking for his friends and family.

Jaime Ramirez

Jaime Ramirez, Cemetery Caretaker

Jaime joined South Park August 2015 as a Cemetery Caretaker. Jaime has 45 years of landscaping experience with Rice University and 10 years at the Medical Center. When asked to give his proudest moment in this profession Jaime said, “Being a part of all the beautiful new projects on the grounds here at South Park!”

David Herrera

David Herrera, Cemetery Caretaker

Francisco Correra

Francisco Correra, Cemetery Caretaker

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